I was very pleased with the treatment I did with Adam. He is very professional and a smiling dentist who makes the patiens feel important. My treatment is complicated and long, but I have no daughts going back to Gdansk and too Dentineo intill my teeth is shining bright! :-)

Beate, Norway

Wir sind für Ihre Hilfe wahnsinnig dankbar!
Ein total kompetenter, hilfsbereiter und zuvorkommender Zahnarzt. Die Behandlung erfolgte sofort und in sehr guter englischer Sprache! #thankyousomuch

(We are incredibly grateful for your help!
A totally competent, helpful and courteous dentist. Treatment was carried out immediately and in very good English! #Thank you so much )

Stefanie, Germany

Kjempeflinke, pålitelig og profesjonelt! Jeg er veldig fornøyd med behandlingen!

Doris, Norway

Utrolig flink lege ! Fast, painless and accurate


I had my teeth done here this year, and I had all of my top teeth veneered using the Emax Veneer crowns for the Hollywood Smile. Remarkably this was done in 2 days (3 days the veneers were being constructed) so all in total 5 days. They were extremely concerned about my teeth bite and the professionalism to make sure the veneers fit in my mouth and connected was extremely good. They did a great job. I originally had my consultation in June and I booked my appointment for later in the year whilst a taxi was organised and picked us up from the airport bringing us straight to the dentist. When picking my colour shade we determined to use shade Bleach 2 rather than Bleach 1 giving my teeth a noticeable white smile but not too white. I originally thought I was having veneers that go on top of your teeth but I had crowns which I am relieved about as there are no restrictions they feel 100% like my real teeth and I am not scared to eat any differently than how I was before. I highly recommend Dentineo.

Tree Jay

"It was probably the best dental experience I have had"
"I was searching for dental work abroad, because the cost is outrageously high, compared to Germany. It is so high that there is additional dental insurance is sold in Germany, as an addition to your health insurance, to possibly save later. It is also very bureaucratic, dealing with health insurance. I decided to go abroad, turn it into a vacation, and just pay cash for what I needed.

Everything at Dentineo was really great. I contacted them a couple of months before I was set to travel. We set everything up by e-mail. When I arrived in Gdansk, everything was tip-top. The facilities were high-tech. The dentist that handled my procedure, Adam, was great and took care of me through the whole process. He spoke perfect English (if that is a worry for you).

I had the following procedures:
- Consultation
- X- Rays
- Deep cleaning
- A normal filling
- A replaced porcelain crown
- Lastly, a very tough procedure, in which an old decayed root was removed and a titanium screw was implanted. I had a bone augmentation along with the procedure.

All in all, it was probably the best dental experience I have had. I can, without any reservation, recommend Dentineo."

Jemes, Germany

"Deep clean, 2 surgical dental removal, Bone Grafting for Dental Implants, filling one tooth.

This was the first part of my dental plan.
One big step closer to have healthy and straight, "hollywood" look white teeth.
When I went there, my teeth were in a really bad shape but I got a big relief after the first visit. Can not wait for the next one.

I read about this clinic from internet. Reviews were 5 out of 5. I can say that it did not disappoint me. My best dental experience so far.
I recommended it to family and closest friends...
This clinic is simply the best!!!!"

Urmas, Norway

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Dentineo"
"I've just received my second stage of dental implant , I must say from the start it has been excellent service , I go back in 3 week to have my crown fitted . I would wholeheartedly recommend dentineo Adam speaks excellent English.

Excellent very clean private treatment at an affordable cost . Top knotch."

Lewis, United Kingdom

"Already my teeth look 200% better and I have the confidence to smile again"

"I suffer from periodontal disease, initially I went for deep cleaning and cutterrage, however the consultation showed that in some areas the problem was quite advanced, in fact two of mw teeth were loose! My teeth didn't look very nice either and I wanted to improve their appearance. In order to save my other teeth, I had to have the two troublesome ones extracted and a temporary bridge and veneers put in place.

I am a very nervous patient and the thought of losing my teeth and having all the procedures done made me very scared. Adam was very understanding and put no pressure on me at all to decide whether to go ahead. I'm glad I listened to his advice. I had quite a lot of work done in 3 days , but on each of my visits all the staff were kind and professional and they made sure that the whole thing was entirely painless. Already my teeth look 200% better and I have the confidence to smile again. I will have to return in 6 months to complete the treatment. I trust Adam completely and the quality of dentistry is far superior to anything I have ever experienced in the UK."

Susan, United Kingdom

"Wonderful clinic"

"I had a lot of dental work to do and I was a bit anxious about going abroad for treatment but even before I landed in Gdansk, Adam was in contact and reassuring me. I had several root canals, fillings and two implants. I was very comfortable in the surgery and felt very impressed with all the hi-tech equipment, I think the quality of the treatment was absolutely fantastic and so were the was extremely good value for money. Adam spoke perfect English which also helped to communicate properly.

I chose this clinic as Adam was very professional, I liked the pictures of the surgery and the prices. I was extremely impressed with how wonderful the clinic was and how friendly Adam and the Dental nurse were. They made sure at all times I was comfortable and not in pain,

Fauz, United Kingdom

"Very very satisfied"

"I got a very good treatment from Adam and his team. We sat down and discussed what would be best for me. And It was up to me what we concluded upolert. Then the treatment started. I decided to have 13 crowns in my upper jaw, and I am very very satisfied with the result. I recommend Dentineo 100%.

Nice clinic located close to the Airport. Easy to get from the clinic to center of Gdansk also. The clinic appears clean and comfortable. The staff are nice and give good service. Please choose this clinic because it is worth it."

Mona, Norway

"The clinic has the state of art equipment"

"I'm very pleased with the services I received from Dentineo, Adam, my nice dentist and his colleague. He explained every aspect of my treatment upfront with all the expenses clearly explained. His communication is excellent and all the material he used for me are the same they use in the UK. The clinic has the state of art equipment. Overall, I recommend the clinic and be more than happy to be contacted to confirm my review."

Amin, London

He was very professional and overall a great experience"
"I went for veneers and couldn’t be happy with the result. Fantatsic finished product.
Adam was very professional and overall a great experience

Josh ,UK

"The results are amazing and I really couldn't be any happier"
"I had porcelain veneers of my 8 upper teeth and some cleaning of the rest of my teeth done. The results are amazing and I really couldn't be any happier. It looks natural and feels like it too. Even though I have dental fear, it was a pleasant experience.

Would recommend everyone that has the chance to get their dental treatment taken care of by Dentineo. This went far over my expectations.
From the moment they contacted me on email I felt professionally taken care of. They were serious and replying fast, and it only took us a couple of emails to book an appointment.

When I got to Dentineo at the day of my first appointment I felt good about the clinic right away. The assistants was really welcoming. After filling out an information card I then went in and had a consultatuon with Adam, my dentist. He asked me what I wanted and then came with his opinion.

The clinic is modern and clean. A calm and silent environment. They also have a TV in the roof which is pretty cool so you dont get bored if your treatment is long.

They are also very helpful with everything from if you are traveling from a different country and need help to find a place to stay, or if you need a taxi to your place."


"Very nice clinic and all above"
"I had one filling, it was done within 45 mins.
Very nice clinic and all above. Thank you Dentineo."


I got dental implants, porcelain veneers, fillings and few more major and minor dental procedures of which I am very much satisfied and happy!

I found the clinic from this site (Whatclinic). When I contacted Dentine, Dr. Adam was super easy to talk to. I had lots of questions on hand since I am normally excessively terrified of dentists. I have lots of problems with my teeth from biting too many but Dr. Adam answered everything and he is very easy to approach! Super friendly! WhenIi arrived at the clinic everyone is just super nice. So I feel really relaxed and that is very important! Aside from Dr. Adam, I am also very happy with the other staffs! Especially Dr. Anna and Dr. Lezcec (I forgot the spelling). All of the procedures were painless and I have a beautiful smile!! I will go there soon again! I will totally recommend this clinic!!


Ég fór á Dentineo ásamt konu minni núna í nóvember 2017. Ég get ekki annað en mælt 100% með þessari stofu. Allur búnaður var mjög flottur, allt hreint og snyrtilegt, móttökurnar vingjarnlegar og fagmennskan alger. Er að fara aftur þangað í vor. Ef einhver vill meiri upplýsingar þá er velkomið að hafa samband við mig.


As previously experienced in my first visit, for my second visit, everything has been just perfect. Adam and his wonderful team are simply amazing. I personally have got a lot of dental work to be done to achieve what I came here for and would not trust anyone else. Adam is incredibly knowledgeable and very understanding going the extra step to try to meet my requirements. Despite the heavy treatments required for in my case, I never feel pain... forever grateful

Michela, London

"Now I have smiled more often than before"
"First I have to say that my expectations are very good about the service compared with the service in Iceland. I had 14 teeth done and now I have smiled more often than before, I will be back to finish rest what I have to do. Great price for the service and I’m happy. Thanks, Adam again and yes see you soon."

Francisco, Iceland

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