All teeth on 6 implants / All teeth on 4 implants

All teeth on 6  implants  / All teeth on 4 implants

All teeth on 6  implants treatment is an excellent solution if there is a need to replace all the missing teeth with third set of teeth supported with implants.

The whole treatment idea is that a full mouth bridge of 12 -14 teeth for example in the upper jaw i fixed to 6 implant which are placed in the bone.

It this kind of treatment there is no need of taking the teeth out .They are fixed permanently to the implants and implants are anchored to the bones the

Teeth work as natural teeth.

All teeth on 6  implants  : (PEEK-for materia SUPRASTRUCTURE,Zirconium Crowns,Composite Gum)

How does the treatment look like:

1 Panoramic x ray and Computer Tomography scan is made-thanks to computer tomography we can see 3D picture of the bone ,we can measure it and virtually place the right size implants.



2 Implants placement procedure: under local Quicksleeper anaesthetic implants are placed in the bone.

After that procedure patient can use his old denture or bridge or any other implants need from 3-6 month to integrate with the bone -osseointegration process.



3 Taking Impression of the implants in the jaw.
Dental Technician is making abutments plus full arch bridge.
The Bridge is attached to the implants and the missing teeth are back.