Description Dentineo Prices
Computer Anesthesia 12 GBP
Dental examination+ set of intraoral photographs 40 GBP
Implantology consultation 49 GBP
Panoramic photo 30 GBP
Computed tomography 39 – 99 GBP
Comprehensive treatment plan + set of intraoral photographs 59 GBP

Conservative dentistry

Description Dentineo Prices
Composite filling with computerized anesthesia
78 – 108 GBP
Temporary filling 40 GBP
Filling in a milk tooth from 40 GBP

Endodontic (root canal) treatment

(under microscope, under computer anesthesia, with cofferdam)

Description Dentineo Prices
1 canal (preparation and filling of the canal) 216 GBP
2 channels 255 GBP
3 channels 294 GBP
4 channels 314 GBP
+ each additional channel From 69 GBP
Root canal treatment of a deciduous tooth From 98 GBP
Repeat root canal treatment 314 – 392 GBP
Enclosing a tooth after root canal treatment 89 GBP



Description Dentineo Prices
Removable braces  178 GBP
Self-ligaturing aesthetic braces 1581 GBP
Self-ligaturing metal braces 1087 GBP
Fixed braces D-gainer 218 GBP
Fixed aesthetic braces 1384 GBP
Fixed metal braces 890 GBP
Orthodontic consultation 30 GBP
Orthodontic consultation + treatment plan + models 50 GBP
Retention (1 arch) 60 GBP
Twin block 158 GBP
Follow-up visit (1 arch) 40 GBP
Follow-up visit (2 arches) 50 GBP
Follow-up visit (removable braces) 20 GBP
Braces Removal 60 GBP

Aesthetic dentistry

Description Dentineo Prices

Hygienization Package (scaling, polishing, sandblasting, fluoridation, hygiene instruction)

75 GBP

Laser whitening

297 GBP

Overlay night whitening

218 GBP

Smile Design (consultation, smile design, wax up, mock up)

187 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
All-ceramic crown 471 GBP
Porcelain veneer 471 GBP
Temporary office crown 38 GBP
Laboratory temporary crown 98 GBP
Acrylic denture 686 GBP
Skeletal prosthesis 882 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
Extraction of a tooth From 88 GBP
Extraction of an eighth 157 – 294 GBP
Controlled bone regeneration From 510 GBP
Laser correction of the gums From 36 GBP
Laser crown lengthening of teeth From 79 GBP
Closed sinus floor lift From 567 GBP
Open sinus floor lift From 784 GBP
Alveolar bone augmentation/regeneration From 510 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
Implantology consultation 50 GBP
Implant procedure:
– Basic implant
– Optimal implant
– Premium STRAUMANN implant – lifetime warranty on the implant
628 GBP
725 GBP
902 GBP
All-ceramic crown on Basic implant 706 GBP
All-ceramic crown on Optimum implant 745 GBP
Premium Straumann implant crown 902 GBP
Implant healing screw placement procedure 69 – 88 GBP


Implant-supported prosthetics

Description Dentineo Prices
BASIC implant-supported crown (Titanium abutment, metal-porcelain crown) 613 GBP
BASIC implant-supported crown (Titanium abutment, all-ceramic crown) 692 GBP
Crown on OPTIMUM implant (Titanium abutment, all-ceramic crown) 751 GBP
PREMIUM Straumann implant crown (zirconia abutment, all-ceramic crown) 890 GBP

Regenerative treatments

Description Dentineo Prices
Open sinus floor lift From 791 GBP
Closed sinus floor lift From 573 GBP
Alveolar bone regeneration Large 712 GBP
Augmentation /Regeneration of alveolar bone Small 514 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
Laser gingival correction before impression 34 GBP
Laser crown lengthening 79 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
Computed tomography 99 GBP
Computed tomography (partial) 60 GBP
Computed tomography (small) 40 GBP
Panoramic photo 30 GBP
Dental radiograph 10 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
Diagnostic models 20 GBP
NTI healing splint 178 GBP
Hard acrylic relaxation splint 178 GBP
Hard-soft relaxation splint 178 GBP


Description Dentineo Prices
Computer anaesthesia 10 GBP
Intraoral regional anaesthesia 10 GBP
Computerized Anesthesia for Hygienization 10 GBP