Computer Anaesthesia (quicksleeper) Free
Treatment Plan Free

Conservative Dentistry

White Composite Filling 45-70 (direct tooth crown restoration) EUR

Root Treatment (microscope)

1 root 100 EUR
2 roots 140 EUR
3 roots 160 EUR
4 roots 190 EUR
Every additional root 25 EUR

* secondary root canal treatment (plus 50%)

Glass fiber post

1 root 35 EUR
2 roots 70 EUR
3 roots 95 EUR

Aesthetic Dentistry

Cleaning (scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluorization) 55 EUR
Teeth Whitening 200 EUR
Full ceramic crown 380 EUR
Ceramic Veneer 380 EUR
Smile Design (models, wax up, mock up) 60 EUR


Crown Porcelain fused to Metal 200 EUR
Full ceramic crown 380 EUR
Ceramic Veneer 380 EUR
Endocrown Full ceramic 380 EUR
Ceramic Inlay, onlay.(overlay- half crown) 280-(300)EUR
Composite endocrown 190 EUR
Composite inlay, onlay 190 EUR
Acrylic denture 200 EUR
Arylic metal denture 310 EUR


Implant Neo Biotech 500 EUR
Crown on IMplantNeo Biotech (titanium abutment, ceramic on metal crown) 500 EUR
Implant Astra Tech 650 EUR
Crown on IMplant Astra TEch (titanium individual Atlantis abutment,ceramic on metal crown) 650 EUR
Crowon on implant Astra Tech (circonium Atlantis abutmen, full ceramic crown) 900 EUR
Bone Augmentation 400 EUR
Crestal Sinus Lift 600 EUR
Lateral Sinus Lift 750 EUR
Gum Recession Treatment 380 EUR
Tooth Extraction 40-70 EUR
Surgical tooth extraction 100-130 EUR
Gum correction 50 EUR per tooth
Crown lenghtening 80 EUR per tooth
Surgical Gum cleaning, cuiretage 25 EUR per tooth
Open Ciretage 50 EUR per tooth

Facial Aesthetic

Hialuronic Acid Fille 200 EUR per ampule
* lip volume augmentation
* lip countorning
* lip asymmetry correction
* wrinkle smoothing at buccal angles
* zygomatic and malar areas
* nasolabial fond
* labial commissures and marionette fold wrinkles
* jaw line
* medium/high depth wrinkles

express prosthetic work plus 50%