Dental treatment for adults

There are certain diagnoses, conditons and injuries that may give entitlement to benefit from the Norwegian National Insurance. It is HELFO that pays possible reimbursement. By choosing to receive treatment in Poland (as a EU country), you need to pay the expenses for dental treatment yourself first and then apply to HELFO for reimbursement. The dentist will assess whether you can claim support from HELFO. The list of the 15 conditions which are entitled to benefits from HELFO are:

  • Diseases and abnormalities in the mouth and jaw (dental and maxillofacial treatment)
  • Periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Bite abnormalities (dental braces/ jaw orthodontic treatment)
  • Pathological loss of tooth substances due to attrition/erosion (serious tooth wear)
  • Full or partial loss of tooth, without own teeth in the lower jaw (and unable to use loose-fitting prosthetic)
  • Rare medical condition (ask the dentist about the conditions that are on this list at any time)
  • Cleft lip-jaw-palate
  • Tumours in the oral cavity, adjacent tissue or in the head region in general
  • Treatment to prevent infection in connection with special medical conditions (organ transplant, various cancer conditions, HIV/AIDS)
  • Tooth development disorders (congenital conditions)
  • Hyposalivation (dry mouth)
  • Allergic reactions to tooth restoration materials (in oral cavity or on skin)
  • Tooth damage related to a recognised occupational injury (the occupational injury must have been acknowledged by NAV and the dental treatment must have a connection to the occupational injury)
  • Tooth damage related to an accident that is not an occupational injury (leisure accidents)
  • Inability to care for oneself due to permanent illness or permanent disability (condition that has lasted for more than one year and has resulted in poorer dental health)

We will help you to receive your benefits:

Dentists in Poland do not have a direct settlement agreement with HELFO, therefore you will have to pay for the entire treatment first. The dentist fills out a form «Dental Treatment Form» Part I - receipt, for reimbursement at the dentist. Along with the forms you also get from your dentist:
- oryginal bills/receipts
- copy of authorization papers from the dentist (with us you are treated only by the dentists who have a specialist degree in the field of the obtianed tratment).
- necessary X-rays, jurnals that documents your condition and treatment, plaster casts from the laboratory.

We fill all documentation in English but it can also be in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

The form and all documents must be send no later than six months from the individual dental consultation to HELFO (the addtess is on the forms). Possible refund will be given by public taxes and the difference between the public taxes and the dentists price you will have to cover yourself.

You may be reimbursed from HELFO for dental treatment in Poland just the same as in Norway with a condition that the same treatment would have been covered in Norway (Section 5-24a of the National Insurance Act). The only difference is that in Poland you have to pay for dental treatment yourself first and then apply to HELFO for a refund.

Dental treatment for the elderly:

The majority have to pay expenses for dental treatment themselves, however there are some exceptions. The dentist will assess your rights. Write us or call us to consult. People who live at an institution or have received home nursing care for more than three months receive treatment free of charge from the Public Dental Health Service.

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