Dentineo Dental Clinic was developed by dr Adam Bielawski to offer Perfect Dental Treatment assuring our patients Highest possible Comfort. Thanks To our endless education You can be sure to alwayse get up to date treatment, the best that’s possible these days.

Dr Bielawski has years of experience in treatment of foreign patients, which is pretty specific considering short amount of time foreign visitors usually have. His perfect English communication skills (FCE, ACE Certificates) are invaluable in explaining all the treatment.

To ensure that patients undergoing treatment at our facility feel safe and comfortable, we have prepared several amenities:

  • Modern clinic - all procedures are carried out in a modern facility using the best quality materials and high-tech equipment and devices.
  • Comfortable waiting room - patients spend time waiting for consultations or treatments in the large and modern waiting room.
  • Air conditioning - for the comfort of our patients and guests, our facility is equipped with air conditioning.
  • Beverages for patients - we offer our patients coffee, tea and water.
  • For foreign patients - we treat people from Poland and abroad. Our personnel speaks English and German.
  • For people with disabilities - people with problems with mobility and patients in wheelchairs can easily get to our clinic thanks to a ramp.
  • Payment plans for treatments - to meet the expectations of our patients, it is possible to pay for treatments carried out in our clinic in convenient instalments.
  • Parking for patients - patients with cars will have no problems with finding parking – we have our own car park.
  • Hotels in the vicinity - near clinic are new, comfortable hotels: Leszczynowy Dworek (Hazel Manor) and Cztery Brzozy (Hotel Four Birches).

A smile costs less than electricity
and gives more light.
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